three pandas karrinyup

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The best and most authentic street foods are often found by accident [if you’re not a local], have no online presence, no reviews, have no delivery service and have highly questionable food hygiene practises!  The ‘alleyway aesthetics’ presented here are nostalgic of these personal food adventures from having lived and travelled in Asia.

The stencil graffiti art on the rustic exposed vintage bricks and timber canopy overhanging the bench seats are reminiscent of the experiences at makeshift food stalls that are found in obscure gritty alleyways where the best hawkers in town locate their legal/illegal operations that depended largely on word-of-mouth being their only marketing platform.

Before the bourgeois ‘invented’ the concept of “food theatre”, cooking in front of the consumer wasn’t a fancy idea but a practical need as there were no separate kitchens available on tiny mobile hawker stands on wheels.  I digress.  Henceforth, we have food theatre where dumplings are made in front of dining customers!