sandra way residence…under construction

In: Projects, Residential

A suburban family home on an interesting infill site.  One of the many challenges was about maximizing the potential of the wedge shaped block that has a gradient of nearly a whole storey falling from the front to the rear of the site…and by the way, we need to fit in a 3.6m x 9m lap pool somewhere!

The resulting home is basically two volumes, one slightly cranked, connected by a bridge.  Where the bend occurs at the bridge, an ’embrace’ is formed on both levels where social spaces are situated and where the internal and external spaces are blurred.  This blurring is especially obvious on ground level where this bridge is almost part of the landscape.  Passive solar design underpinned the spatial arrangement.  Additionally, the floor levels undulates as one journeys through the house thus interacting and experiencing the site’s natural ground levels.  By design, the stepping up and down of floor levels on both storeys as well as the landscaping defines functionality as well as create meaningful spaces and experiences.