Ronald McDonald House

ronald mcdonald house nedlands exterior

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The proposed Ronald McDonald House in Perth is not only an opportunity to provide accommodation for patients and families in a difficult, often challenging period in their lives but also an opportunity to improve on the current model of housing facility of its kind. Improvements are not only limited to the physical structure, programming of spaces, technology or environmental sustainability but also the social and human aspect of the Ronald McDonald House to work towards the idea of a Ronald McDonald Home. The design took into account the psychological and emotional requirements of the occupants – patients and their families. The core principle behind the social spaces is to provide opportunities for people in similar situations to share, to relate and to heal together – a support system.

The building achieved a LEED [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] Silver rating which is a global recognition and certification for environmental sustainable buildings.  Ronald McDonald House Perth is the first LEED rated building of its kind in Australia.  There are only 5 buildings in Australia that has achieved this rating and this is the first in Western Australia.