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The original brief for this residence was one of ‘simplicity’ – an adaptive home with flexible spaces that will accommodate to their lifestyle changes over the years with low maintenance and modest elevation from the street.  This brief evolved into a 500m² home with a 51m² ancillary accommodate on top of the large garage accessed from the rear lane.

The concept for the house was reflective of the client’s psyche during the process of design – one of ‘introspection’.  The front facade was designed as pristine, stark , ‘blank’ boxes to express the private nature of the family outwardly and as per their wish for a modest frontage facing the street that shuts the public out.  However, as one steps through the concealed entry, a maze of complexity is experienced – architectural nuances that expresses the relationships between members of the family, personalities as well as their lifestyle are evident in the design of the home.  We’ve made the juxtaposition bluntly and as honest as the client’s character and speech.  It revealed the contradiction  within the client’s mind – his ideal of living ‘simply’ and Zen-like versus his nature that wants to complicate everything.