hay st upgrade

In: Commercial, Projects

The concept was derived from the need to stand out from the currently unappealing streetscape and to provide a point of interest amongst the rows of seemingly monotonous blocks of commercial buildings.  The lack of activity was largely due to the quality/nature of the interface [or lack thereof] between the buildings and the pedestrian path.

Our proposal is to convert the monolithic mass into a dynamic, eye catching portal that also serves as an element that provides pedestrian shelter as they walk along the footpath.  We also proposed that the current ‘garden bed’ [unused valuable real estate!] and its adjoining areas be converted into a small social space to provide amenities for the building’s occupants as well as the public hence promoting that interaction between the building, its occupants and its context.

Our aim was to create a high impact but also cost effective solution to refresh the façade of this building with an aesthetics that goes beyond what is expected of an office building – a solution that minimises cost, minimise engineering and minimise demolition hence minimising waste and encourage adaptive reuse of the existing.  In terms of materiality, we leaned towards the application of cost effective, durable and common materials but used in uncommon and creative ways.

We’ve introduced natural or organic aesthetics in terms of materiality, textures and colours into an otherwise stark building as part of our biophilic approach to create that warmth, playful energy and inviting ambience that is much needed for a contemporary workplace.  This is no longer just another office building on Hay St!