fipper slipper

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We felt the excitement down to our toes when Fipper Slipper, a popular brand throughout South-East Asia, approached us to design their first store in Western Australia.  This playful concept store is located within the high traffic area of Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre.  Other than having to deal with the restraints of a tiny budget, the parent company’s set of design guidelines, Westfield’s challenging approval process and a ridiculously short delivery time-frame, we had complete creative freedom! *sarcasm*

We decided right from the beginning to challenge the parent company’s current corporate image which received strong opposition but was approved through some convincing.  The most prominent and unique element of the store is the black chain-wire ceiling which exposed the black painted services behind.  Many questioned whether this feature would be possible or whether it’ll even look good because of the rather ‘unsophisticated’ product we selected i.e. the humble chain-wire fencing mesh.  But we stuck to our guns and fought the battle to the end by working closely with the shopfitter to prove these naysayers wrong.  The spots of artificial lawn littered throughout the space give the store a different tactile experience especially when walking around whilst trying the slippers on the customer’s feet.