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Paying homage to the fusion café and coffee houses of South East Asia, this establishment has a distinctive tropical industrial aesthetics that have become a trademark in places like Penang, Malaysia.

With a modest budget, our shopping list needed to be strategic i.e. spend where it would maximise impact for the customer experience.

As part of the budget strategy, most of the existing structure, kitchen, ceiling and flooring of the former Italian ristorante were retained and refreshed – an exercise in adaptive reuse.  The focus was obviously the coffee station with the coffee machine being the centre piece – facing the shopfront window and sidewalk where a window bench seating was introduced.

The existing large dining areas were re-designed to offer several dining experiences and allow for flexibility to accommodate for the hosting of events.  We’ve also created different ambiences – bright and airy during the day and cosy and romantic in the evening via a strategic lighting scheme.

Completed within a short timeframe and on schedule, this is another turnkey project as part of our one-stop-shop solution – designed and built by yours truly.