derry ave residence

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A small but intricate project.  It entail upgrades to an existing 1950’s house and a new studio addition at the back.  The existing house is in a fairly dilapidated state with overgrowth of vegetation surrounding it due to years of neglect by the previous owner.

The project’s design aesthetics and spatial programming drew from the iconic Peranakan shophouses of Malacca, Penang, Kuching and Singapore.  The addition is an ancillary studio space that is ‘attached’ lightly to the north-east corner of the existing house like a branch of a tree thus minimising impact structurally and aesthetically to the existing building as opposed to the now common parasitic approach.

Most of the existing garage structure will be retained.  The existing roof will be completely removed to allow much needed sunlight to enter the new openings created for the existing living room.  The concept is to convert the garage structure into an intimate and private internal winter courtyard that acts as a light-well and breeze-way to maximize access to northern daylight for both the addition and the existing house.

The southern courtyard and decks are informal connections to the existing house and is the core shared outdoor living with a larger area for multiple uses including entertainment and passive activities.  This open space also encourages south-westerly breezes to enter the buildings during the summer months.