chatto handcrafted tea bar

In: Projects, Retail + Interiors

The clients for this international brand commissioned Gerry Kho Architects to design and project manage the construction of their 1st establishment in Australia even before a specific location was decided on.  We were involved in the scouting for potential locations through assessments of several sites which depended heavily on our depth of understanding of their business and our local knowledge of Perth – particularly the unique nuances that exists in the areas of this city.

The Tsuboniwa [courtyard garden] is the focal point and is integral to the concept.  Unlike traditional ‘signage’ or shopfront, the Tsuboniwa is a more effective way of attracting attention and is an experiential approach to the idea of ‘signage’.  More importantly, the internal garden offers an immersive experience as patrons enter and is also a social media platform for customers to interact with during their stay.