Gerry Kho Architects is a Perth based award winning multi-disciplinary Architecture and interior design firm specializing in Environmental Sustainable Design. We aim to create Adaptive and Resilient architecture and interiors in residential, institutional, retail and commercial sectors. Our studio of Western Australian Architects was first established as a boutique practice that aimed to promote architecture and to educate the public about how good design can improve their lifestyle, and how we can contribute positively to the built fabric around us. We see architecture as being more than just a building.  Hence we went through the challenging process of establishing our own building company, GK Master Builder Pty Ltd [BC103601], to make certain materialization of our creations as we intended, to have direct access to subcontractors with the aim to ensure quality control and finally, offer a turnkey, one-stop-shop service to our clients to make the journey a smoother transition between initial concept to construction completion.

Our team of Perth Architects consists of talented and skilled individuals including interior designers, commercial architects, residential architects and architects specializing in small to large scale developments.


We are a progressive local practice with clients and projects in Perth, Regional Western Australia, the eastern states and overseas including Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa. The firm and the principal are registered with the Architects Board of Western Australia, Architectural Practice Board of South Australia and The Board of Architects of Queensland. Current projects in the office include retail design, commercial interior design, residential interior design, mixed used developments, single residences, commercial buildings, civic projects, institutional buildings, and multi-residential apartment complexes. We also design furniture and other custom products to suit our architecture and interior designs or by special requests as individual designs. Presently, clients include government, councils, home owners, franchises, corporations, retailers, charity organisations, and small to large scale property developers.

Gerry Kho Architects is a reputable firm in the Western Australian architecture industry for retail design. We have commissions in all major shopping centres and malls in Perth belonging to property groups like Westfield, AMP Capital, Stockland, Hawaiian, and Centro.


Every project emerging from the office of Gerry Kho Architects is approached with a strong emphasis on design concepts, creative responses, functional solutions and understanding of the client’s individual or collective needs with environmental sustainability and efficiency as the core to design decisions. We are known in the industry for our hands-on approach and our active participation on construction sites sets us apart from other architects.  We actively promote and educate environmental sustainable design to our clients and also the public as evident in the nature of our projects, architectural forums, teaching at TAFE and Universities, and our presence in the media.

Every member of the team is committed to liaising closely with each other, our clients, authorities and our consultants to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our team consists of talented, skilled and experienced individuals who are in the forefront of design with a shared philosophy and interest in contemporary, cutting edge design and commitment to environmental sustainable architecture.

We consider the consultants and contractors that we work with as part of our team of Western Australian Architects. We have a number of carefully selected consultants and contractors whom we have great rapport and who understands our design philosophies and the needs of our clients. As Perth Architects, we are continually finding new skilled and talented consultants and contractors in the industry to work with as this benefits our clients and our projects.

Gerry Kho Architects’ commitment to the environment extends beyond the creation of environmentally sustainable architecture and into the daily running of the office. We strive towards a paperless office, recycle our wastes where possible and encourage our consultants and clients to receive and supply electronic documents to minimize printing hardcopies and in turn minimize the use of paper and ink [cartridges]. And the savings from using less paper and ink is passed down to our clients so they benefit from our environmental management of our office directly.