Our main design principle relates to the sculpting of experiential spaces through what we term architectural linguisticsArchitectural linguistics was the Principal Architect’s academic thesis that has been practised and executed successfully over many years with the objective of creating meaningful spatial experiences by choreographing how one perceives and engages with architecture that evokes universally innate physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional responses to specific geometries, forms, symbols, gestures, ambiences, scale, light/shadows, rhythm etc that stems from every human’s primal instincts and genetic memories.

The creation of experiential spaces enables one to interpret, signals one’s appropriate behaviour and to enhance awareness as one engages in ‘moments’ and pauses, journeys through a sequence of spaces, performs in the events and rituals [even the mundane e.g. cooking, bathing, resting, socialising etc], thus forming an intentional meaningful narrative relevant to an individual or collective, not just the act of habiting a shelter.

the master builder

The master builder, precursor to the architect, was responsible for both the design and the actual construction of buildings.  Over time, the role of the architect was born and eventually the roles of design and construction separated completely.  Contemporarily, the role of the architect have further diminished as a consequence of specialisation and commercialisation, to the point where the architect who designed the building is rarely seen on site with little to no interaction with the actual builder or building phase.  Ultimately, this is the profession’s self-inflicted obsolescence.  Gauging from the continual diminishing role of the architect in the construction process, it begs the question as to whether the profession is in danger of being substituted by Artificial Intelligence [AI] in the very near future.

Our studio practise architecture closer to the way of the master builder.  The architect responsible for the design and drawings is also the builder during the construction phase.  This ensures consistency from start to finish.  Some of the benefits experienced by our clients from this turnkey service include:

  • efficient and convenient – clients will deal with less parties and there won’t be a need to shop around for builders hence saving time and also money since mobilisation on site is achieved earlier with less fuss
  • stay true to design intent with little to no compromises
  • smoother process between design, documentation and construction phases
  • flexibility + adaptability during construction – construction and troubleshooting decisions can be made immediately on site when needed by the same person who designed it so solutions will remain consistent with design intent
  • direct line of communication with subcontractors hence saving time during construction
  • direct access to subcontractors also means better quality control and avoid major defects to be rectified at practical completion
  • reduced or even avoid variations

Even if you don’t engage us for the construction of your project through our building company GK Master Builder Pty Ltd, the quality of our design and documented construction/technical details will reflect the knowledge of a master builder.  The drawings and documents produced will inform each tradesperson of what and how elements should be put together hence eliminating significant guesswork by the tradesperson and minimize mistakes thus saving time, money and headaches in the long run.  Furthermore, we’ll be on-site frequently during the construction phase to liaise with the builder/trades as part of our project management/contract administration service.


Terms like ‘sustainable/sustainability’, ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ have all been hijacked by the mainstream media, ‘penetrated’ politicians and ‘influencers’ to virtue signal and/or to propagandize a certain globalist political, social and technocratic agenda.  Ultimately, fear mongering and mass formation psychosis orchestrated by that particular unelected, highly questionable organization lead by a stereotypical Bond villain who just happens to be a son of a Nazi.  Their tyrannical goal is to control the world’s population, resources and wealth whereby the rest of us peasants shall eat bugs and ‘own nothing and be happy’.  And we must also question why is a flabby megalomaniac computer nerd friend of Epstein giving us health advice? Warning us of future pandemics whilst simultaneously investing in and profiting from the WHO, viruses and so-called vaccines via big pharma?  Preaching the consumption of artificial meat while he amasses the world’s farmlands?  And where on earth is 007??…or Batman?  Elon??

Furthermore, environmental sustainable design should not be a specialized approach to architecture and shouldn’t be marketed as such.  It shouldn’t be used as a marketing ploy either.  It should be an established fact, an obvious way that architects should practise without saying.

Our holistic and biophilic approach is one that works with nature – the envelope and spaces within are direct responses to the site to form a symphonious relationship between the habitants, architecture as well as the social, physical and natural context.  Our architecture is adaptive and resilient – future proofing that prolongs the relevance and functionality of a building thus extending the building’s overall lifespan.  The result is an efficient way of living – inside and outside, in every aspect from performance of daily routines to energy consumption.  Our aim is to achieve this result with minimal reliance on shiny technological gadgetry, as affordable, as self-sustaining and as autonomous as possible.  In fact, it is more important than ever that we look back to tried and tested traditional knowledge from ancient and indigenous cultures globally – thousands of years of wisdom on how best to engage respectfully, harmoniously and reciprocally with the blessed land upon which we live, to do more with less in the pursuit of minimizing our impact on the earth and when we inevitably leave this physical realm, we leave as small as possible our ‘footprint’.

sense of humour!

The building process is often seen as a harrowing experience for most people including seasoned developers but especially so for the business owner whose livelihood depends on the outcome of their business premise and for the home owner who is spending their life’s savings on their dream home.

Our motto is that we should take what we do seriously, but not how we do it.  We try to make the journey as enjoyable and as painless as possible for ourselves and our clients. We like our clients to be as enthusiastic about their project as we are and to have as much fun as we are having.

A sense of humour is a prerequisite.