new ronald mcdonald house on channels 7, 9 + 10

In case you’ve missed them, the grand opening of the new Ronald McDonald House was featured on channels 7, 9 and 10.  Yours truly was interviewed and featured in channel 10’s report on Friday evening.


The grand opening was a huge success with a large turn out.  Attendees included the Premier Colin Barnett [who opened the house], Adam Gilchrist, representatives from FMG, BHP and so forth.  There were plenty of heavyweights in the crowd – I’ve assumed most were stakeholders.  The response was great from everyone on the day.  I can’t recall how many hands I shook but it was the most handshakes I’ve ever performed in my life!  It was an emotional day for those who were involved from the start including myself who had to stand back and let it all sink in – so this is the result of over 4 years of hard work!  I walked around observing reactions from people without them knowing who I was and the reactions were all positive.  The community opening on Saturday also went well.  Public opinion was also excellent.  So far so good.

The organisation has officially moved in and families will start occupying the new Home this week.

Our team would like to wish the staff and families all the best and to enjoy their stay!  We’ve put a lot of thought into every detail so we hope that they’ll appreciate it :)