every dog has its day!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!  As with every other year, let us all hope that the year of the Dog will bring us all the good stuff and for the love of mankind, less bullshit please!!!

2017 and the year of the Rooster was, I’m sure is now universally agreed, was a nonsense of a year!  No doubt one that will stay in our demented memory forever.  It was a period in history that future generations will Google search [or whatever they use in the future – GoogleFace/GoogleBook/Foogle/GooFace?] and the results for the events of 2017 will look like something out of a bizarre C-rated amateurish movie only available on YouTube with plot lines only a failing wannabe screenwriter could come up with while trippin’ in his basement over several months!  After the movie, the unfortunate audience just wasted 2 hours of their lives that they will not be able to get back…except it was a whole 12 months!! WTF, Rooster??  Was it punishment for our large consumption of eggs and hot wings??

Enough ranting…back to the grind!