The Principal

architect’s vision

To contribute positively to Perth’s built environment as a developing city, to contribute to architecture at a global scale and to continue creating enriching architecture and spaces that makes where we live, work, rest and play meaningful.

education + educating

Gerry Kho achieved an Honours degree in the Bachelor of Architecture from Curtin University of Technology. He had a successful university career, during which he competed and won several architectural competitions and awards including the E.G. Cohen Medal for outstanding graduate of Architecture.

Gerry is an industry mentor and will continue to educate future generations of Perth architects, designers and drafters. He was invited as a guest speaker at Edith Cowan University and more recently, he was invited as an external examiner for the final year architecture students’ dissertation projects at Curtin University of Technology.  He is currently a part-time lecturer and tutor at Curtin University of Technology, Department of Architecture teaching final year students for both Bachelor and Master degrees as well as a supervisor of dissertation students for the final year Master degree.


Having been trained in the area of Environmental Sustainable architecture and having successfully competed in Environmental Sustainable architectural competitions, he has expertise in the creation of sustainable buildings. He is continuously promoting environmental sustainable design proactively through educating his clients and the public of the long term benefits to their lifestyle, efficiency of their buildings, long term cost savings and how best to reduce consumption of our natural resources as an investment to the future and not just as a ‘fashion trend’ taken on by many Perth Architects and Designers as a marketing tool.

His university thesis on the linguistics of architecture focused on the creation of experiential spaces to enhance the understanding of metaphysical and abstract concepts in sacred architecture. His deep understanding of how human beings relate to, interact and understand their surroundings and man-made environment through experience, observation and natural reactions to certain building forms, symbols, gestures and ambiences is the core to the success of his designs. As a major part of his design philosophy for all building types, his language of universal experiential spaces have been applied to create a broad range of architectural spatial experiences.

Gerry has a broad range of experiences from retail design to high density apartment design and everything in between. His strong work ethic and commitment to his craft is exceptional – don’t be surprised to see the lights in his studio on late at night, see him in the office on weekends or if you receive an email from him at 1am!

architect’s statement

Our practice has thrived even with the unstable global economy and the state of the construction industry, mainly from our strong client base as we’ve built a reputation for efficiency, personal service, high calibre designs and documentation backed up with unwavering project management to ensure quality of construction and value for money. The last few years have been the busiest periods we’ve experienced since the birth of the practice which resulted in further expansion and the addition of several new Perth Architects as part of our team.

Based on what we’ve achieved to date, our goal is to continue to expand and build on the reputation and relationships we’ve formed over the years as progressive Perth Architects. We are continually finding new ways to better our performance and efficiency. And we’re constantly keeping an eye out for new talent in the industry. We’ll continue educating and we’ll continue to enjoy doing what we love to do.

Currently, Perth is going through some tremendous changes. With Colin Barnett remaining in the driver’s seat in pushing progress in this city, we aim to contribute to the new urban fabric and be part of this exciting growth. As with the rest of us in the industry, we too are enthusiastic about witnessing and playing a role in the evolution of this city.