sushimaster + dancin wok margaret river

doors to the toilets

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The design for this particular outlet was vastly different from the previous designs we’ve done for the client to respond to the specific target market and regional location of this popular tourist town.  Margaret River, known as a holiday destination and stopover for locals and overseas tourists, is a renowned surfing location and wine region.

The most noticeable difference between the design of this interior from others is the materiality.  We’ve selected materials that reflected the culture, industry and natural surrounds of the context.  The use of plywood extensively was an aesthetic reference to beach lifestyle [make-shift timber beach shacks, driftwood etc], wine industry [timber wine barrels], trees and historical references to the region’s timber industry.  Plus the warmth of the material is just lovely to look at!  Dark walls and ceilings were applied to set the ambience and to accentuate the colours and textures of the timber as well as the weave-patterned coloured stripes.

Furthermore, the sheeted product is a material that is relatively simple to transport and install whilst also limiting the amount of wet-trades during construction.  The plywood was also chosen for its durability both during transportation and through the life of the establishment.  Over the years, the plywood will build character as it ages.

Materials and construction techniques implemented were specially selected to ensure that most items can be manufactured in the factory in Perth, transported to site and installed quickly to minimize cost of construction while achieving a high quality finish taking into account the limited availability of local trades and material supply.