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Perth is currently undergoing significant change both in the way we live and how we perceive the ideal home.  We are witnessing the so-called Australian Dream and the quarter acre block slowly but surely evolving as the current and future generation of home-owners or potential home-owners become more enlightened about the presently unsustainable urban sprawl.  This is evident in the emergence and popularity of the small lot and small footprint residential developments that demonstrates positive signs of change and it seems that our attitudes are becoming more aligned with that of [sub]urbanites of major cities within Australia and globally.  With this in mind, this proposed sustainable development aims to contribute to this progression and offer the new generation of homeowners that seek a more sustainable, convenient, low maintenance and efficient way of living.

The proposed development is a set of three small-footprint units on three small lots.  Passive solar design drove the lot configuration as well as the design of the units.  The design and layout took cues from contemporary and traditional Japanese architectural principles and values – minimalist, understated and simplicity.  The materiality of both the exterior and interior demonstrate our biophilic design intent, especially our incorporation of the tsuboniwa, which seek to [re]introduce nature into our homes.

As part of our one-stop-shop service, our brother company GK Property Developments PTY LTD was engaged for the subdivision/strata titling of the resulting lots.  Having both the architectural and development services within one office has proven to be efficient and accelerated the approvals process.