Our People

The design team at Gerry Kho Architects are talented, creative and skilled individuals who are extremely committed to what we do. We share a common passion for our craft.

Our practice consists of people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South America and of course Australia. We pride ourselves in being a team of Perth Architects that are multi-cultural, and not to mention multi-lingual. Our team members are bilingual with a few who are fluent in two or more languages other than English. Languages and dialects in our office include Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.Our cultural diversity allows us to relate to, appreciate and respond to the different customs, traditions and lifestyles of our clients. Our diversity offers a unique perspective into our approach to architectural design as it both inspires and informs our design decisions in a contemporary and yet culturally sensitive manner.