back on the horse

Just in case anyone was wondering – yes, we’ve been back for a week now!  By the way, Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone!  Hope your festive season was safe and well.

We’ve had a busy past week mainly to do with restructuring and re-evaluating where we stand in the industry after we’ve just celebrated our 10th anniversary in December 2016.  This then informed us of how we want to work and what we want to focus on moving forward.  During the hiatus, I’ve had time to contemplate where I’d like to take Gerry Kho Architects and the ideal way we’d like to practice architecture [physically + philosophically] as well as how the ‘practice’ will more intensely intertwine with the creative, design, development and construction aspects to what we do.

I’ll continue with my teaching role at Curtin University this year – a role that I enjoyed immensely last year.  Teaching is a way that I ‘pay it forward’ and to educate the future generation of architects – to instill in them not just knowledge but values i.e. the meaning of quality, rigour and pride.  And yes, I know I sound Howard Roark-ish…

That’s all for now.  Keep your eyes on this website for more updates throughout the year!