as well as being a racist, trump is also an ass to architect/s…no surprise

When the presidential debate in the US is placed under the ENTERTAINMENT section of the news, you know that something is very wrong with this blue ball.  Anyway, my political opinion aside, here is a link to a piece about an architect being screwed over by Trump:


Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour by clients is common in our industry globally.  Yours truly was a victim of such malpractice before and I’ve learnt my lesson.  This kind of unethical and despicable behaviour by unscrupulous individuals and corporations is especially prevalent in this bleak economic climate.  If the allegations are true – I feel for the Architect, Andrew Tesoro, mentioned in this article who had to take it up the ass because it would cost too much to take legal action against Trump, who no doubt knew that the architect had little resources to enter a legal battle.

The gentlemen’s way of doing business is seemingly a dying practice.  When both parties benefit from an agreement/arrangement [i.e. one party gains from being provided the service and the other party gains from being paid for providing the service] is the ideal and objective business scenario.  Where there is a winner and a loser and where the game is won through breaking an agreement, that is no longer business – that’s a swindle!