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ie house – under construction!

Another one under construction right now! .




view st residence – under construction!

After a lengthy DA and having to comply with strict construction requirements of a fire zone of FZ, this project is finally under construction .  Keep an eye on this site for more updates!






a dozen years!

Gerry Kho Architects just turned 12!

A big thank you to our clients, consultants and builders for the support and collaboration over the years.  We look forward to working you again in the coming years.




An advanced heads up!  We’re taking leave from Friday 21st December 2018 and we’ll be back on Monday 7th January 2019.  Any urgent matters can be emailed to and messages can be left on our office mobile +61 403 980 117.  Parcels can be delivered to PO Box 1389, Booragoon, WA, 6954.





I’ve resumed my teaching role at Curtin University this semester on Tuesdays of every week.  If you need to contact me, please send an email to me at .  Alternatively, you can text me or leave a voice mail on +61 403 980 117.

contact details

Just a note that our landline will no longer work from Saturday 21/4/2018 as we’re switching to NBN.  And since I’m supreme commander, iron dictator and sun god around here, I’ve decided that we’ll be minimalist in our approach and rid of the archaic landline and fax altogether since all it seems to attract are cold callers/telemarketers and always someone who is trying to sell us some shit that we don’t need.  Our clients, consultants, product reps…basically anyone who needs to speak with us will need to contact our dedicated mobile number which will remain as +61 403 980 117.


every dog has its day!

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!  As with every other year, let us all hope that the year of the Dog will bring us all the good stuff and for the love of mankind, less bullshit please!!!

2017 and the year of the Rooster was, I’m sure is now universally agreed, was a nonsense of a year!  No doubt one that will stay in our demented memory forever.  It was a period in history that future generations will Google search [or whatever they use in the future – GoogleFace/GoogleBook/Foogle/GooFace?] and the results for the events of 2017 will look like something out of a bizarre C-rated amateurish movie only available on YouTube with plot lines only a failing wannabe screenwriter could come up with while trippin’ in his basement over several months!  After the movie, the unfortunate audience just wasted 2 hours of their lives that they will not be able to get back…except it was a whole 12 months!! WTF, Rooster??  Was it punishment for our large consumption of eggs and hot wings??

Enough ranting…back to the grind!




We’re back!


Gerry Kho Architects is 11 years old today!

We’d like to thank all our clients for another year.  We’d also like to give massive shout outs and thank you to the contractors, tradies, suppliers and consultants for your time, effort and conversations.  Thanks to everyone who supported us over the years!