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3×3 house wa chapter awards 2021




Just a shameless plug – our recently completed 3×3 House was entered into the WA Chapter Architecture Awards 2021.  Our presentation to the jury was last weekend and from what we’ve seen, 3×3 House is the smallest development competing in the Multi-residential category amongst large apartment complexes by large local and international firms…so yes, we’re the underdogs yet again! woof woof!

Anyway, when the time comes, hope everyone who visited during our two previous Open House events [just before Christmas and in February] will vote this project for the People’s Choice Prize.  There is a prize for the voting public so here’s a chance for everyone to get involved!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Instagram @gerry_kho_architects for the next events to be hosted by our client @ie__house.

gk master builder pty ltd

We are now launching our building company under the GK brand – GK Master Builder Pty Ltd [BC103601]!  We offer an alternative complete building service for our clients from initial concept to handing over of the keys.


w h y ?

  • efficient and convenient – clients will deal with less parties and there won’t be a need to shop around for builders hence saving time
  • stay true to design intent with less compromises
  • smoother process between design, documentation and construction phases
  • flexibility + adaptability during construction – construction decisions can be made immediately on site when needed by the same person who designed it so solutions will remain consistent with design intent
  • direct line of communication between the architect-builder and subcontractors hence saving time during construction
  • direct access to subcontractors also means better quality control and avoids major defects to be rectified at practical completion
  • reduced or even avoid variations
  • etc etc


w h a t ?

  • single residential [single to multi-storey]
  • multi-unit developments
  • commercial buildings e.g. workshops, warehouses, offices etc
  • fit outs e.g. retail, food & beverage, medical/dental clinics, showrooms etc
  • extensions, additions + upgrades [residential + commercial]


Along with our other arms – Gerry Kho Architects [GKA], GK Property Developments [GKPD] Pty Ltd for subdivision + lot design services, GKA Products for architectural products + materials, and Mado Insulated Glazing Pty Ltd for the supply and install of double glazed windows + doors, we are now a true one-stop-shop!

pandemic-ready architecture

Over the past few months, I’ve been approached by both academia and industry to contribute to a dialogue [online of course] relating to the future of architecture, urban design, the global economy and how we will work, live and play as we continue to live with the current and [inevitable] future pandemics.

Other topics included whether high density living is still a viable housing model [yes it is] and if so, what needs to happen to achieve a safe and healthy environment.  And on a grander scale and possibly philosophical level – what does sustainability really mean now?

Currently on our [metaphorical and literal] drawing board – we’ve been commissioned to design multi-unit developments and single residential homes with briefs that are specific to what we have now internally termed Pandemic-Ready Architecture.  Design principles evolved from our previous experiences in designing for disease control such as the Ronald McDonald House Perth became the foundations for these homes.

So what is Pandemic-Ready Architecture?

Pandemic-Ready Architecture goes beyond space planning and technology in preparation for lock-downs, self-isolation/quarantine, working-from-home and zoning.  All of which, with a few minor tweaks, any properly designed modern medical facility can easily achieve.  However, our approach is about designing empathetically, sympathetically and aesthetically, not just a mechanical response to a crisis. It is a human centred and organic approach.

What happens to the family if one or more member/s becomes ill?  How can design assist with the co-existence between the ill and the healthy?  How will the occupants maintain meaningful communication and interaction with one another during a pandemic?  Where and how will resources be stored?  How will the family dynamics change once everyone is at home 24/7 during a lock-down?  How can a house accommodate for the challenges of working-from-home in more ways than just setting up a home office [online meetings with screaming kids in the background!]?  How do you maintain normalcy amidst the mayhem?  How do you create a secure safe-haven without looking like an underground concrete bomb-shelter of a doomsday prepper?

And for more public typologies [retail stores, food establishments, hotels, offices, service industry, industrial, food establishments, gyms etc] – how will social distancing be maintained as part of a designed solution?  Can the premise adapt to changes to staff and patron numbers?  Can barriers be designed to be less clinical and confronting?

Contact us if you’re interested in this dialogue and in retro-fitting or designing your home, business or development to be Pandemic-Ready.

3×3 house – under construction!

Another one under construction right now! .




view st residence – under construction!

After a lengthy DA and having to comply with strict construction requirements of a fire zone of FZ, this project is finally under construction .  Keep an eye on this site for more updates!






a dozen years!

Gerry Kho Architects just turned 12!

A big thank you to our clients, consultants and builders for the support and collaboration over the years.  We look forward to working you again in the coming years.




An advanced heads up!  We’re taking leave from Friday 21st December 2018 and we’ll be back on Monday 7th January 2019.  Any urgent matters can be emailed to and messages can be left on our office mobile +61 403 980 117.  Parcels can be delivered to PO Box 1389, Booragoon, WA, 6954.





I’ve resumed my teaching role at Curtin University this semester on Tuesdays of every week.  If you need to contact me, please send an email to me at .  Alternatively, you can text me or leave a voice mail on +61 403 980 117.

contact details

Just a note that our landline will no longer work from Saturday 21/4/2018 as we’re switching to NBN.  And since I’m supreme commander, iron dictator and sun god around here, I’ve decided that we’ll be minimalist in our approach and rid of the archaic landline and fax altogether since all it seems to attract are cold callers/telemarketers and always someone who is trying to sell us some shit that we don’t need.  Our clients, consultants, product reps…basically anyone who needs to speak with us will need to contact our dedicated mobile number which will remain as +61 403 980 117.